The Twin Geeks 64: Dark Passage (1947)

The third collaboration between real life Hollywood couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and the first of Bogie’s films covered here on our podcast, is the little known but marvelously entertaining Dark Passage. What starts out as a singular gimmick thriller, where Bogart’s escaped criminal is disguised in shadows and a unique first-person perspective approach to the cinematography, evolves into a tense entanglement with the underbelly of San Francisco, with Bacall harboring Bogart from the law and falling in love with his newly transformed face. The mix of dark noir lighting and tense Hitchcockian premise are capably handled by director Delmer Daves, and the electric chemistry between Bogart and Bacall is as captivating as it ever was. With a unique angle to present its story, and a capable cast of veteran Hollywood talents, Dark Passage is an overlooked gem from Hollywood’s Golden Age with plenty of intrigue and action to stand out from the pack.

0:00: Aging out of phases, Shaun the Sheep redux
9:30: Fantasy Island
13:48: Onward
17:00: Foosballers
20:33: Dark Passage

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