The Twin Geeks 61: Parasite (2019)

With the Oscars approaching this coming Sunday, and a slew of deserving films up for the big award, we found it only fitting to highlight not only one of the best of the bunch this week, but also the greatest stand-out from the pack in the form of the biggest non-English language film that has a real chance at taking the top prize. South Korean auteur Bong Joon-Ho gave what many consider his sprawling opus last year with a triumphant return to his home country after a couple of pictures made here in the States. Parasite is a grand ensemble tour de force that tackles universally relevant themes of class struggle and inequality that resonated strongly both in its native country and over here abroad. Bong ingeniously weaves his yarn through many overlapping genres with deft expertise, delivering a hilarious, tragic, thrilling, and touching film with an incredible cast of characters and journeyman-like filmmaking. Its shot at winning Best Picture, as well as numerous other nominations this year, feels surer than previous foreign language nominees, as we look over it fantastic qualifications compared to all the other nominees, and weigh in on what we think the Academy will decide upon just in time for the anticipated ceremony.

0:00: The Definitive Official Podcast on Taylor Swift (also, Sundance buys)
9:15: Gretel & Hansel
12:22: The Rhythm Section
14:35: Oscars hopes, dreams, and concerns
39:30: Parasite (2019)

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