The Twin Geeks 59: The Graduate (1967)

Last week, the great American screenwriter Buck Henry sadly passed away. He gave us many classics over the years, but none as iconic and game-changing as Mike Nichols’ seminal coming of age film, The Graduate. The film that launched Dustin Hoffman’s career and a renewed sexual interest in middle-aged women everywhere, The Graduate is unquestionably a leading film in defining the 1960s at large and a foundation for the revolution Hollywood was soon beginning with the collapse of the studio system. The story is a delicate balance of generational woes, giving equal sympathies to the lost and misguided Benjamin Braddock and the wistful Mrs. Robinson, now looking to recapture her lost youth. Nichols frames Henry’s brilliant treatment of the Charles Webb novel through expressive and artistic cinematography, filled to the brim with clever symbolism that co-host David Punch covered so well in his feature on the film. More than 50 years removed, The Graduate continues to speak to every generation, timelessly evolving in the collective conscious as it continues to grow in its iconic status as one of the most relatable and striking stories committed to the screen.

0:00: The Twin Geeks critique the Oscars Nominations
18:15: Netflix’s The Circle
22:03: The Mandalorian
25:55: Dracula
27:30: Les Mis
32:00: Underwater
36:00: The Graduate

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