The Twin Geeks 58: Film of the Year 2019

With 2019 in the pocket and a new decade upon us it’s time to review the best of what we saw last year. 2019 was an incredible cap to the decade with many of the best films we’ve seen in some time. Beloved filmmakers, old and new, turned out the best they could for this final year of the 2010s, and we were amazed by it all. Though the first half of the year was severely lacking, from July onwards it was a non-stop rush of great cinema. Here we have our ranked list of site-wide favorites of the year. As usual, this ranking is only definitive in our collective decision and will most certainly differ when inquiring on an individual basis. Our system allows for organized chaos as we seek to represent what films everyone feels most strongly about, and this year we had quite a number of them. Without further ado, here are The Twin Geeks Top 10 Film of 2019:

0:00 New Years movie resolutions, rental shops, list intro
9:34: 10. Deadwood: The Movie
13:23: 9. Rocketman
19:25: 8. Ad Astra
25:23: 7. Little Women
29:26: 6. Uncut Gems
34:43: 5. Knives Out
39:29: 4. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
46:04: 3. Parasite
56:19: 2. The Irishman
1:00:50: 1. The Lighthouse

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