The Twin Geeks 57: Jack Frost (1998)

Who doesn’t fondly remember Christmases of yore where the entire family would huddle around the television for an annual viewing of the Michael Keaton snowman movie… Nobody? Just me? Whether it’s for the irony of it all or our [Editor’s note: David’s] genuine nostalgic fondness, we’re revisiting this childhood favorite that most have probably chosen to forget. We’ve dusted off our magic harmonica to bring this icy corpse back to life, both to ridicule the laughable concept and corny jokes, as well as to appreciate the fondness we had for it growing up and other cheesy classics like it. Still incredibly saccharine, as all these 90s Christmas movies are expected to be, but you’ll be surprised just how charming Jack Frost can be. Get ready for an excruciating amount of winter-themed puns, and a CG/puppet monstrosity that might make you more uncomfortable than anything else. Look, we never promised It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) or anything, so don’t be upset. Snow movie is better than no movie.

0:00: Bro, Calvin, and David’s top 5 Christmas films trainwreck
17:03: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
22:11: Cats
27:17: Queen & Slim
28:52 Black Christmas (2019)
32:29: Jack Frost (1998)

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