The Twin Geeks 46: The Apartment (1960)

Off the heels of the mega-success of his comedy classic Some Like It Hot (1959), writer/directer Billy Wilder followed with yet another definitive masterpiece that would not only net him three major Oscars (including Best Picture), but also would remain a defining film of the early 1960s. The Apartment is romantic comedy/drama work of genius, the likes of which could only be supplied by the inimitable duo of Wilder and frequent writing partner I.A.L. Diamond. It’s also the second pairing of Wilder and seven-time star Jack Lemmon, who pairs beautifully with young Shirley MacLaine in one of the greatest movie romances of all time. Wilder and Diamond’s cracking script is completely without flaw, balancing the dramatic and comedic tones of the film with expert craft, all the while spinning a grand thread of three interconnected and complex relationships, culminating in a series of resolving character arcs and satisfying narrative payoffs, ending on as iconic a line as Wilder and company ever penned. It’s a classically beloved film, not just here on our humble site but everywhere around the world. Whatever your proclivity to film is this one is an absolute must to check out, movie-wise and podcast-wise.

0:00 – 8:08: My Own Private Idaho (1991)
8:08 – 16:36: Emmys & Zeitgeist of Modern Television
16:36 – 37:43: Redemption for Aaron Paul, Ad Astra
37:43 – 1:19:37: The Apartment

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