The Twin Geeks 42: L.A. Confidential (1997)

Film Noir is that wonderful style of film that fuses cynicism and morbid desolation with pulpy crime stories in an adventurous and artistic manner. The period may have only existed up until the late 50s, but we’ve been able to continually revive it in modern forms, and Curtis Hanson’s 1997 homage to the style may be the best we’ve seen yet. L.A. Confidential wears its influences on its sleeves, celebrating films of the 50s by plunging itself straight into the center of when are where those movies were made. Hollywood serves as the backdrop to this delicately structured crime story, which expertly converges three opposing plotlines in a fantastic and sordid tale of conspiracy and corruption the likes of which could only be birthed from the tantalizing domain of moviedom.

0:00 – 11:48: The Big Star Wars Preview
11:48 – 21:26: Disney Plus Preview, conspiracy theories on Disney, and Sony’s Spider-Man
21:26 – 26:18: Where’d You Go, Box Office?, Ready or Not
26:18 – 33:25: Mindhunter Season 2 & Box Office Top 3
33:25 – 59:08: Feature Presentation: L.A. Confidential

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