The Twin Geeks 41: Notorious (1946)

A special treat this week sees the uniting of David and Calvin together for our first in-person podcast. Together, they watched Alfred Hitchcock’s first masterpiece, Notorious, a film which featured atop writer Graham Austin’s Top Ten Suspense Scenes list. Notorious sees the triple threat of a devilish Cary Grant, the incomparable beauty of Ingrid Bergman, and Hollywood’s best supporting actor Claude Rains in a daring love triangle battling against the intrepid mysteries of a Nazi spy thriller plot. Notorious boasts not just the single greatest suspense sequence of Hitchcock’s career — as judged by Graham — but actually a multitude of impressive technical scenes that could fill out a list all on its own. But the real intrigue is that of the battling love story, gripping us to our seats with the intense uncertainty as to whether or not Grant and Bergman can prevail in the end.


0:00 – 7:04: Portlandia: The Twin Geeks Edition

7:04 – 30:22: Dora the Explorer finds the remains of The Good Boys, 47 Meters Down in the Box Office

30:22 – 59:44: Notorious

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