The Twin Geeks 40: Apocalypse Now (1979) 40th Anniversary

This week we not only come together to celebrate one of the greatest war films ever made on its 40th Anniversary but also see the release of a brand new cut of Apocalypse Now from director Francis Ford Coppola which first premiered at Beacon Theater back in May. Joining us this week is fellow The Twin Geeks Editor Graham Austin, who penned a piece to compliment the podcast this week on the legendary Vietnam film. Apocalypse Now‘s legacy is as grand as the film itself is, weighing heavily over all of pop culture, and most certainly within our cinephile hearts. Everyone on staff here collectively celebrates the film as the masterpiece it is, bundling the madness of war with the descent into insanity that embodies Joseph Conrad’s original novel, Heart of Darkness. The film is a remarkable achievement in all categories, and a miracle that it was even completed to begin with, due to endless production troubles and a daunting production that ballooned with each passing day. It is not in spite, but rather because of all these plaguing issues that Apocalypse Now is regarded as a titan of 70s cinema, both for all of us here and for anyone who has stood in awe of the magnificent film.


0:00 – 10:47: Succession, Little Women, and Hidden Life

10:47 – 28:53: The Art of Racing in the Box Office

28:53 – 1:11:26: Apocalypse Now

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