The Twin Geeks 36: Stranger Things

We set aside films this week to discuss the latest streaming sensation in the release of the third season of Netlfix’s uber-popular series Stranger Things. Twin Geeks writer Brogan has already covered the season in his recent review, but this cultural wave has grasped us all here enough to want to talk about it even more. We’ve grown to love this perilous cast of young up-and-comers as much as the rest of the world, fully immersing our interests in their ongoing battle between the turbulence of adolescence as well as the terrors hidden within the Upside-Down. Our love for the show continues to grow with the size of the cast, this season including the surprising addition of Cary Elwes, Maya Hawke, and a dastardly Russian menace. The abundance of 80s nostalgia has never been greater, bringing with it all the cheese and excitement one remembers to this grand and reverent homage.

0:00 – 16:21: Half year review & Calvin’s Top Ten for the first half of 2019
16:21 – 28:36: Box Office — it’s Gator Season
28:36 – 1:06:19: Stranger Things
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