The Twin Geeks 30: The Road to El Dorado

Our buddy podcast turns to the ultimate buddy comedy this week for some much needed reflection on an underrated classic. The Road to El Dorado was a major flop for Dreamworks upon initial release, but has found much deserved love in the cults of the internet. It happens to be one of our absolute favorites here, bountiful in its beauty and its laughs. Basically, the things it was lambasted for on release — vibrant color palette, hand-drawn animation, taking inspiration from Crosby/Hope style road films — are the things that have stood the test of time and rendered it timeless. The pairing of Miguel and Tulio is a dynamic duo for the ages, producing laughs a plenty and tears when needed too. Alternatively, the duo of Sir Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice prove yet again to be a winning combination, crafting a riveting soundtrack balancing the signature stylings of John’s bluesy vocals with the Spanish flair of the authentic string and flute music.

0:00 – 11:49: Festivals – Cannes The Palme d’Or & SIFF Selections
11:49 – 34:20: Box Office – Booksmart & Aladdin
34:20 – 1:02:42: The Road to El Dorado

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