The Twin Geeks 27: Avengers: Endgame (2019)

After more than a decade, and a score of star-studded films, the long awaited conclusion of the “Infinity Saga” has come. Little did we expect when settling in to watch the first Iron Man (2008) eleven years ago that we would be anticipating a spectacle event like this. Disney and the team at Marvel have done the impossible in delivering a satisfying conclusion to this epic series. We’ve been with these characters through every conflict imaginable, and it all culminates in this spellbinding conclusion that highlights our treasured journey in a plot that involves risking everything to save those we lost in Infinity War (2018). Joining us this week is fellow writer Tyler Harford, who has done a marvelous job chronicling this incredible journey in his Retrospectives on Phase One and Phase Two of the MCU as well as his own review of Endgame from seeing it opening weekend. There’s a lot to be said in this ultimate entry in Marvel’s daunting cinematic adventure, and we gladly give our input to the ongoing discussion on this week’s podcast.

0:00 – 7:30: Tyler on Game of Thrones (no, really this time)
7:30 – 26:51: Box Office
26:51 – 1:33:54: Avengers: Endgame

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