The Twin Geeks 21: Us

In our most divisive discussion yet, we take a look at the latest hit from horror sensation Jordan Peele and his sophomore effort, Us. Peele has set his ambitions high with this followup to the 2017 breakout hit, Get Out, though whether or not he succeeds in all he sets out to remains up for debate in this week’s discussion. Calvin has taken the stance of loving the film wholly, finding its comedy and rich political commentary complimentary to the horror of its doppelgänger set up, while David left the theater feeling underwhelmed by its overstuffing of world-building and lackluster in both its message and overall effect. We take up our ceremonial scissors to cut through the themes and executions of Us, in a hopeless attempt to convince one another of their contradicting opinions on this latest box office juggernaut.

0:00 – 8:33: Oprah, Apple Credit Cards, TV+
8:33 – 29:28: Box Office
29:28 – 1:14:44: Us

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