The Twin Geeks 18: The Hudsucker Proxy – 25th Anniversary

This week we return to the filmography of the much beloved Coen Brothers to look at one of their more under-appreciated films. As we briefly discussed on our ranking of the Coen Brothers filmographyThe Hudsucker Proxy is a comedy riot that remains a cheery and bubbly experience from start to finish, despite the notorious notes of black comedy that is so signature to the Coen Brothers style. An all-star ensemble cast lines the picture, featuring such greats as Paul Newman, Tim Robbins, Bruce Campbell, and the scene-stealing perfection that is Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance as a whip-cracking spitfire newspaper reporter who’s fast talking repartee brings you straight back to the screwball comedies of the 1930s that filmmakers such as Howard Hawks made so famous and memorable.  The Hudsucker Proxy is a clever bit of family fun, endearing and enchanting us even some 25 years after its release.

00:25 – 9:00: Spielberg Vs. Netflix
9:00 – 31:48: Box Office Top 10
31:48 – 39:34 Streaming: Finding Neverland
39:34 – 1:00:45 The Hudsucker Proxy 25th Anniversary

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