The Twin Geeks 17: The Shape of Water

In light of last weekend’s Oscars award ceremony we take a look back at last year’s Best Picture winner, comparing and contrasting how the Academy did so well with who they chose to nominate and represent in 2018 versus their lackluster and controversial selection this year. Though The Shape of Water may not have been our personal choice for the best film of 2017 it certainly would have been in the running. Director Guillermo del Toro imbues his films with a fairytale sense of awe and wonder that lift them to an almost mythic level. His films also manage to preserve a sense of social commentary, weighing in on political concerns both of the film’s setting in the 1960s and those of today, weighing in on such issues as the oppression of social minorities and the attempts at silencing women during a time where a rise in the support of feminism is most critical. The Shape of Water is poetic film that blends fantasy and romance into a grand artistic vision that leave you thinking more than just “Sally Hawkins sure is thirsty for some fish sticks, huh?”

Girl Scout Cookies: 01:15 – 02:52
Green Book & Oscars: 02:52 – 14:00
Box Office: 14:00 – 34:12
Streaming: 34:12 – 38:40
The Shape of Water: 38:40 – 1:09:17

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