The Twin Geeks 16: 12 Angry Men (1957)

When we think of classic films some titles that come to mind are iconic titans like Casablanca (1942) or Citizen Kane (1941), but other juggernaut of cinematic perfection comes from Sidney Lumet, who’s first film in 1957 still astounds us today with its impressive attention to detail in both the technical process and the art of performance from its ensemble cast. Henry Fonda stars as the bright image of solidarity and human kindness that he reflected in roles throughout his career, but is also aided in an impressive cast of character actors whom give their own turn in powerhouse performances. 12 Angry Men is an astounding achievement of cinema, and manages to maintain universal accessibility to a point where it was many people’s first introductions to classic cinema, including our own. Take a look at our thoughts on the film with the definitive reputation for courtroom dramas, a film so great we continue to revisit it just to once again be awed by how well it holds up to this day.

Oscars: 0:22 – 10:45
Box Office: 10:45 – 26:38
12 Angry Men: 26:38 – 59:54

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