The Twin Geeks 9: Film of the Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2019 now, which means we’re looking back at all of the previous year to determine what were the very best that cinema had to offer on this week’s The Twin Geekscast. While the list is ranked, it is by no means a definitive take. This list was compiled from all of our contributors here, each of whom fought for their respective favorites to take the top spot. In the end, our selections were based on a combination of our average feelings on each film, the individuals who were their most vocal proponents, and the overall importance their inclusion brings to the list. Listen to see why we picked these specific films, and what we thought made them some of the best given to us throughout all of 2018.

Time Stamps:
Box Office: – 28:35
10. Paddington 2: 30:50
9. Cold War: 36:20
8. Lean on Pete: 38:15
7. Thoroughbreds: 41:50
6. Hereditary: 45:28
5. Burning: 49:15
4. First Reformed: 52:35
3. The Favourite: 56:16
2. You Were Never Really Here: 1:01:15
1. The Other Side of the Wind: 1:10:11

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