The Twin Geekscast 6: The Wrestler (2008)

This week on The Twin Geekscast we’re celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Darren Aronofsky’s intimate portrait of a faded celebrity attempting to make peace with his humble life before one final comeback… We’re also talking about The Wrestler (2008). Joking aside, Mickey Rourke proved himself more than capable in this career-defining role, making a true comeback after languishing in obscurity throughout the 90s. The Wrestler is a simple, yet powerful look at how difficult the real world is to those typecast into certain societal roles, as well as a spectacular look behind the curtain at the somewhat obscured world of professional wrestling. Listen to what we have to say about Aronosky’s classic sports flick here:

00:00 – : 21:13: Box Office & Wreck-it-Ralph comes to poison your children with consumerism
21:13 – 57:22: The Wrestler

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