The Twin Geeks 3: The Other Side of the Wind (2018)

At long last, the much anticipated final completed film of the great Orson Welles’ career has been bestowed upon us. The Other Side of the Wind was a project initially begun by Welles in 1970 as his big return to filmmaking in the United States. He assembled a team of friends and admirers to help him tackle the ambitious critique of Hollywood and machismo-driven filmmaking that would serve as the thematic center to his late career opus. Due to a myriad of typically Wellsian financial troubles and sporadic production schedule, completion of the film was always something of a question. All this before an intense legal battle began over ownership of the film between Welles and his foreign producers, which effectively kept the film locked away in a Paris vault for more than 30 years. Miraculously, the film has been allowed to see the light of day. Thanks to many, many ardent supporters of Welles vision, the film has been brought to completion by the funding and distribution of Netflix, having hired Oscar-winning editor Bob Murawski to finish piecing together Welles’ last great work. So, is The Other Side of the Wind the masterpiece we expect from Welles? Does it hold up to our long-anticipated expectations? Should it have been completed to begin with? Listen to what we think on this week’s The Twin Geekscast.


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