The Twin Geeks 2: Misery

There are many great Stephen King adaptations out there, as to be expected from an author as prolific and lauded as the Monarch of Horror Fiction. Many point to The Shining (1980) as the greatest of these works, despite King’s own vehement dismissal of Stanley Kubrick’s take on the work, but this week it is a different King story about a trapped writer that interests us. One of the most personal and favorite of King’s own stories, Misery, is a tense, realistic horror masterclass that blew audiences’ away in 1990, earning Kathy Bates one of the few Oscars given out for a performance in a horror film. The scares in this film don’t come from haunted hotels or ghoulish New England vampires; Misery is a horror that could very well happen any of us, making it all the more terrifying. Rob Reiner was not a seasoned horror filmmaker before this, though times have shown recently that directors coming from comedy seem to fair well in the horror genre. Misery is a great example of that very principle, and a perennial favorite of all here at The Twin Geekscast

0:00 Box Office
15:45 Misery

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