The Cast of Us – Part III

Part III is finally here after almost as many delays as the game itself. I think at this point it’s pretty clear we’ve become a monthly podcast (maybe we’re just stalling hoping to still be active when Factions comes out). This episode we pick up from where we left off as we bring Jesse back to the theatre after he helped Ellie escape the relentless WLF scouts from the Hillcrest neighbourhood and we continue all the way until we finish Ellie’s story arc in Seattle. Are square buttons important? How many spiders are waiting to bite Will under the bed? Do lunchables qualify as self torture? Once again, you can find the answers to these questions — and more — inside part 3 of our conversation on The Last of Us Part II!

00:00 Intro
00:44 Seattle Day 2 – Hillcrest (Ending – Theatre)
03:10 Flashback – Finding Strings
18:58 Seattle Day 2 – The Seraphites
37:09 Flashback – St. Mary’s Hospital
42:45 Seattle Day 3 Road to the Aquarium & The Flooded City
01:07:06 Seattle Day 3 – Infiltration

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