The Cast of Us – Part II

We know it’s been a bit longer than anticipated, but after a month we can finally continue our journey through Seattle in the second episode of The Cast of Us podcast. In this part we explore the first day of Ellie’s journey for revenge, as well as her first flashback across a dreamy birthday memory. We then venture through the Hillcrest neighbourhood, ending the episode on our reunion with the father of our girlfriend’s child, Jesse. Do we care about neighbours when singing a pop cover while being inebriated? Does Kaz have friends? Once again, you can find the answers to these questions — and more — inside part 2 of our conversation on The Last of Us Part II!

00:00 Intro
01:08 Seattle Day 1 – Downtown
17:56 Seattle Day 1 – Eastbrook Elementary & Capitol Hill
27:28 Seattle Day 1 – Channel 13 & The Tunnels
42:13 Will and Kaz’s AD Minute
42:58 Flashback – The Birthday Gift
50:02 Seattle Day 2 – Hillcrest

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