The Cast of Us – Part I

The latest podcast from The Twin Geeks goes off the beaten path, taking a look at a game that slid under the radar for both the gaming public and our sister show the Daydreamcast. For our debut episode, we shine an in-depth spotlight on Naughty Dog’s latest indie darling The Last of Us Part II. Join us as we begin our intensive deep dive, first taking us to Jackson, WY. How does TLOU Part II choose to follow the ending of the original? Where does it rank in the annals of opening multi-hour tutorial sequences? Can we get past our disappointment at no multiplayer out of the box?!?! The answers to these questions — and more — inside part 1 of our conversation on the Last of Us Part II! We really are The Last of Us to cover this game, huh Ellie?

00:00 Intro
01:15 The Last of Us
08:28 The Last of Us Part II discussion: Jackson, WY
50:05 The Point of No Return

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